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Colt Starting

$650 per month

Grain and hay is included in the price of training.
Our colt starting program is for unbroke
2 year olds.

Each horse is kept in their own paddock and fed twice a day.
6 days a week riding
The way we start a colt is reaching back to the days when a horse was actually considered "broke",
with a solid foundation. A horse that could do anything you asked of it. The difference is our colts
are taught how to be soft, supple, flexion, to be broke over at the poll and not be stiff as a board.
With that being said, we do not offer 30 day programs. We do not believe a horse is going good
enough for a customer in a 30 day time period. Most customers are not able to put forth the
amount of time a colt needs to become more consistent in it's riding. It is worth your money to
leave a colt with a trainer for the time needed to get the horse to that point. If not, more times than
not, the horse just starts to unravel after coming home and your money has been wasted.
Most people do not look at a colt starter as a very important part of the horse's training. They
usually think a colt starters only job is to get the "buck out".  That is not true!
A colt starters job is to teach that colt a foundation of fundamentals to be able to go on into training
of a discipline. With out a solid foundation a colt will not progress in training as quick and will not
stay together as well as one that does. With out this, the horse has nothing to fall back upon if a
problem occurs later on in it's career. Everything in every ride is asked of the colt, not demanded.
We provide low stress, enjoyable and consistent training methods to insure a solid foundation, so
that your colt can go into any discipline.
Not included in training fees -  
Vet./Dental Care, Farrier, Worming, Supplements, Special Feeds, Hauling,
Entry/Exhibition Fees, and/or any other expenses that may incur during the horses
training period. All expenses are discussed with the owner before action is taken, so that
there are no "pop-up charges".

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